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Helpful tips for living a happier, healthier, pain free life.
Drink plenty of Water
on a
​   Basis
Breathe From Your Stomach​
Many factors play into how much water your body uses and looses, such as: how healthy you are, how active you are and what climate your in. While the amount of water you should drink everyday is different for each individual, it is important to stay hydrated in order for your body to carry out normal functions.

Water is responsible for: flushing toxins out of vital organs,carrying nutrients to your cells,regulating body temperature, ​lubricating joints,keeping tissues moist such as those in the mouth eyes and ears, and aiding in flushing of waste product out of the body.
Stretching is important to support tissue and joint health by increasing flexibility and joint range of motion. Increased flexibility reduces muscle tension, promotes relaxation, increases body awareness, improves structure and function, as well as minimizes the chance for injury.

Typically a stretch should be held for 15 to 30 seconds, and up to one minute for those who are more flexible.
Do you display chest or diaphragmatic breathing patterns?

​​When most people inhale, their lungs filling with air causes the chest to expand by using muscles of the rib cage, shoulders and neck. This demonstates shallow breathing and does not allow the lungs to work at full capacity.

​​The muscle most responsible for proper inhaling is the diaphragm, attatched to the lower ribs and lumber spine. When it contracts, it causes the belly to expand allowing air to fill all areas of the lungs. Breathing properly helps to get needed oxygen into the blood and all parts of the body. It can also be therapeutic and help the body to deal with stress, illness or trauma.