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As a form of ancient Chinese medicine, Acupressure is a way of healing through energy. Light fingertip pressure is used to access specific points along a meridian, or energy pathway in the body,  The therapist's energy clears the meridian of any energy blockages to ensure the organs and body systems are sufficiently supplied and functioning properly. This can relieve both physical and mental pain, stress, and undesirable feelings. Very useful for those who have trouble sleeping.

Cranial Sacral Therapy
The body has a natural rhythm of expanding and contracting called the Cranial Sacral rhythm. Through Cranial Sacral Therapy, the therapist is able to feel this rhythm and any restrictions. By use of specific release holding patterns and light pressure, the bones of the skull and spine are shifted to relieve compressions and pressure. As well as helps to alleviate headaches, TMJ pain, auditory/ear problems, and emotional trauma.

There is evidence that multiple ancient civilizations worked on the feet to promote good health. It is believed that reflex points and areas corresponding to organs and specific body parts, are laid out like a map of the body and accessed through the feet and hands. When these reflexes are manipulated, it effects the whole body by increasing circulation of blood and lymph, improving nerve supply and organ functions, helping the body rid itself of toxins, and serves as preventative health care. Its also very useful for relaxation and balancing the body's energy.

Sports Massage Stretching
While it is important for everyone to stretch in their everyday lives, it's always easier to have someone do it for you. With the client slowly breathing properly, and the therapist holding them in the correct position, the muscle can relax into the stretch as pressure is applied and sustained. Stretching is beneficial for maintaining healthy tissues as well as the recovery of injured or tense tissues. After being stretched, clients generally feel an ease in movement and a greater range of motion.

Trigger Point Therapy
​ Commonly know as knots, there are several types of trigger points. They can cause pain and discomfort where the trigger point is located, or even somewhere else on the body. No matter how the muscle fiber are "knotted" up, pressure and muscle stripping followed by a stretch is the best treatment. This therapy can be quite abrasive but highly effective. As an add on, it is recommended to receive Trigger Point at the beginning of the massage session.

Structural Repatterning
In the human body, "form follows function.​​​​​​​​​​​" This means, the structure of our bodies can change to make repetitive actions easier. When muscles tighten up, the body becomes unbalanced  and can cause pain and restrictive movements. Structural repatterning involves slow and deep strokes preformed during assisted and unassisted range of motion exercises. The  goal is to get the body structurally sound, in order for it to function properly. This the the best therapy for improving ones posture.